School Expansion Project

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We have over 100 students this year attending Mount Sinai Christian School. We have been so blessed to continue to grow over the past nine years and to impact more families in Magdalena, Guatemala. However, because of our limited space, we have had to turn away children that would like to be students.

After much prayer, we are finally pursuing the dream of expanding the school. This will allow us to increase our capacity and reach more children and families. We will also be able to use the space for new initiatives such as an after school tutoring program for public students, classes and activities, and other programs to reach out to the community. This will be a massive project totaling $50,000 and it will happen in three main phases.

3 Phases:

Phase 1

Form solid walls and thick columns in the current school which will remain as the first floor.

Phase 2

Transform the current ceiling into a concrete ceiling and then build the second level on top of it.

Phase 3

Once Mount Sinai Evangelical Mission Church builds their new space (sanctuary), create divisions in their current location and to create more classrooms and a computer lab.